Blueprint For Success-Business Plan Agreement Template


Are you interested in starting up a small business partnership agreement, or do already have a small or medium sized enterprise and want to bring in someone new as a partner? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then there are certain legal partnership agreements that you will need to consider.

A business plan has two very essential functions. It displays what exactly is available for you and it can certainly aid potential business investors, loan provider, business plan advisor and work associates recognize your plan as well as evaluate the possibility of its victory. At the same time, it can also serve as a podium that one could visit over and over to determine if you are on the right path and create adjustments whenever necessary.



You can get started with creating the title of your business, the concepts, mission, goals and its philosophy. After that inside your company’s overview point out exactly why you are starting up your own business, regardless if you will have partners or going solo. Legal framework of your business as well as other concerns is going to be included in here also.
It also needs to feature details pertaining to the type of your business, the way you want to acquire the products, the person you wish to market it and its price. Explain the marketing strategy inside the marketing plan area.

The plan should begin with a brief executive summary that in a few pages describes the entire business plan (really good executive summaries are often only a single page) including what the investor is being asked to do or invest, the highlights of the project, the risks, the main operational points, and the planned returns. After the executive summary, the writer should seek to answer key questions every investor has including:

1. Specifically what is the investment and what do they get for the investment?
2. What are the details about the investment?
3. How will the investment be operated?
4. What is the sales and marketing plan?
5. What is the financial plan?
6. What will the returns be for the investment?
7. What will the organizational structure be?
8. How and what will be communicated to the investor and when will this occur?
9. What does the principal get?
10. What will the investors rights be?
11. If there is debt, what terms are anticipated?
12. What is the exit plan?




Next, the business plan should include all items including in the appendix. Normally, when I prepare a business plan the appendices include:
•Financial projections,
•Biographies for the managers,
•Marketing packages from brokers,
•Management agreements,
•Subscription agreements (the operating agreement is normally in the subscription), and
•Other information that may be pertinent to the specific investment

The total document with attachments can be quite large. However, the Business Plan Agreement Template itself is often reasonably brief consisting of 10 to 20 pages with a 1 to 3 page executive summary.
The idea is to provide a succinct, detailed, attractive document that fully answers the investors questions, lets the investor know what is expected of him or her, and provides everything that they need to go ahead and make the investment. This allows the investor to review everything carefully, share all the information with their own counsel, and then successfully with a minimum of fuss complete the investment.

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