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Where will the services be performed?

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Parents & Guardians Giving Consent

How many parents or guardians are granting consent?

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What is a Child Medical Consent?

A Child Medical Consent is a legal document used to allow another adult to make healthcare decisions for your child. A Child Medical consent is ideal for use when the child is being cared for by a babysitter, grandparent, daycares, teachers, step-parents, sports coaches, or another temporary guardian.

As a reference, people call this form by other names:

  1. Child Medical Release Form
  2. Medical Consent for Minors
  3. Caregiver Consent Form
  4. Medical Authorization for a Minor
  5. Authorization to Consent to Medical Treatment
  6. Authorization for Minor’s Medical Treatment
  7. Parental Medical Consent Form
  8. Medical Treatment Authorization Form
  9. Emergency Medical Consent Form