What is a basement suite and how does this different from renting a room?

A basement suite is building particularly an apartment which is located underneath or below the ground level. People living in basement apartment usually face many abnormalities and deficiencies. Basements are usually consider cramped and noisy due to traffic and building noises as well. In some areas underground residence is prohibited but the owner of the building can do this anyway to earn extra income from this part of the building.

You can use this additional portion of your building (Basement) as an investment to collect handsome amount of money that can bear additional expenses. Some health issues like radon, mold and death due to injury or fire are also observed with the people living in basement apartments. Basement suite should be last option one if looking for due to these serious health problems. Radon is an odorless gas. You can detect it and it will serve as the major cause for lung cancer. Often house owner do not follow rules and regulations related to fire catch and basement residences and these are also not imposed by the government as well and finally causing an adverse effects on the people living there. But when you look back in the history, you found that notable achievements by different artists, painters and authors are also made in the basements of many buildings.

Similarly, when it comes to rent, the rent in the basement apartment is usually very low as compared to any above ground unit, room etc. House prices in any city area are sky high. Renting a house could be convenient in privacy matters but it could be much more expensive than bearing some ones boyfriend and spending time for searching a new and affordable place to live. You can’t dislodge someone just because you don’t like their new friends, and that being a landlord is a challenging, round-the-clock responsibility.

To avoid many problems while renting a room or house you should check or mark the following things set to a reasonable point:

  • You should consider your privacy first that can you share space with a stranger wandering here and there.
  • Renting a room to a family with children can be cumbersome as you can’t enforce “non-playing” rules on them and this will surely cause interruption in your work.
  • Each landlord has his own territory so you should do proper research about legitimations where you live and what rules you have to follow.
  • Try to find out how much advance you should give for this property and for what time period. Also find out the requirements about the return policies both the parties set for themselves.

Living in a rented room could be more challenging than a basement suite if you don’t serve much of your time meeting above requirements. It has more luxuries, your privacy at your hands, and freedom of doing many things which is not possible in a basement hence the money totally worth it. But, basement suite has its own limitations and health problems are one of them.

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