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Create your Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Where is the property located?

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Ditch stack of paper for Real Estate Purchase Agreement and try digital mode.

Are you investing in real estate property or selling the property? The paperwork is the most important thing to buy or sell any of property. To sign Real Estate Purchase Agreement you have to go out or into a real estate agent’s office. But in this digital age, no need worry docs creator is here to help you.

Without going to the real estate agent’s office you can sign a daunting stack of papers online within a fraction of time.

A real estate purchase agreement is an agreement between buyer and seller. It is used to finalize the deal of the residential property between buyer and seller. It can be used only for residential properties.

How it will work:

Docs creator will send you a scanned copy of your closing documents, such as PDF of Real Estate Purchase Agreement. You do not need to print PDFs to sign your referendum or your real estate documents. Digitize your life with an electronic paperwork, even on your phone. Use the same process to sign another documents electronically.

Why you need Real Estate Purchase Agreement?

  1. If transaction is taking place in between the family member then you need this agreement on closing date.
  2. You are ready to sell your property to interested buyer and want to clear the sale process at that time you need it.
  3. You want to invest or buy the property and want to enter into a formal contract with the seller and seller's terms and conditions Real Estate Purchase Agreement is the right way.

Things should be present in Real Estate Purchase Agreement:

  1. Location or exact address of the property.
  2. Complete address and information of both parties (seller and buyer).
  3. Pricing details like Amount of earnest money to deliver to seller and Number of days to deliver earnest money after signing the contacts. (If the contract is completed, the amount of money is deposited.)
  4. Escrow agent details (This refers to the process where the third party (called escrow agent) closes or takes possession of the deal until the date of possession.
  5. The amount that Seller has to pay towards Buyer's expenses.
  6. Closing dates of the agreement.
  7. Any dispute settlement.
  8. Effective date
  9. Option to terminate the contact (By giving written notice to a seller, the seller authorizes the buyer to terminate the purchase agreement before closing the sale. You can either join your contract at any time, allowing the buyer to authorize the term, or you can rely on the laws of your estate.

Classification of Real Estate Purchase Agreement

  1. Residential Purchase Contracts
  2. Contract for Deed
  3. Lease Agreements
  4. Commercial Purchase Agreement
  5. Land Contract

If you want to try online or digital paperwork, we’ll provide you right solutions in right way. You can even customize your paperwork. We’ll appreciate your interest.