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Power of Attorney

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We might face situations like meeting an accident or illness in which we won’t be able to make our own financial decisions. If this is the case, someone else can make a decision for you. Before filling a Power Of Attorney Form, you have to understand what it is? How it works and why do you need it?

What is a Power Of Attorney?

Power of attorney is a versatile legal tool. When you need someone to resolve a financial or legal issue for you, you do not have to give that person full power or access to your information. Use the Power Of Attorney Form that can be customized according to the situation. It allows you to get the complete work without risking your property.

With this, someone else can make the decisions for you. It can also be limited to the specific areas or liabilities.

When do you need it?

The Power Of Attorney allows your spouse or civil partners to manage your business in a timely manner when you can’t do it, such as when you are travelling or when you are physically or mentally unable to manage the business. A common Power Of Attorney is often part of an estate plan.

  1. If you wish that your spouse or civil partner represent you in legal acts associated with extraordinary property-related decisions.
  2. If you wish to authorize a person other than your spouse or civil partner to represent you.
  3. If you are living with someone, widowed and do not wish to have a curatorship.

Few benefits of Power Of Attorney:

  1. Buy and Sell Property
  2. Buy, manage or sell real estate
  3. Manage banking transactions
  4. Extra Savings
  5. Circle tax return
  6. Strike the benefits of government
  7. To Sign contracts
  8. Life insurance purchase
  9. Fix the claim
  10. Stock investment

How to write a power of attorney?

The Power Of Attorney Form should describe all tasks for the nominated person. The compensation for a natural or legal person must also be detailed, especially if a bank or other organization is named.

It is possible to appoint more than one power of attorney, in the event where the first person is not able to presume the role.

To simplify things, we have developed proxy or dummy template of Power Of Attorney Form, which can be seen on our website.