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Why should you try the Online Rent Receipt?

In most industries, the paper receipts have been disappeared and nobody is missing them. Fortunately, the paperless revolution has finally made this successful. Even the solution or Online Rent Receipt is low cost and affordable than printing on dead trees.

If you are small landlord not to worry! Online rent receipt templates allows you as well to give the receipt online to tenants for rent-based payments after online payments by tenants. You can send invoices by email, scheduled maintenance visits and you can use online rental templates. Use legally developed and prepared by lawyers. Best of all, online rent receipt template is one of the most affordable than paper receipt.

What is the rental receipt?

The rent receipt tempaltes is a way to produce a payment document that a tenant makes to a Landlord. For tenants who pay their rent in cash, a rent receipt is often the written proof that shows they are paying rent.

Few things must be included for Online Rent Receipt Template

Large rentals can vary, depending on the type of unit and the management of the rental you have with your tenant, there are some basic elements that include all rental bills:

  1. How much rent has been paid – The exact amount of rent is the main reason for receiving a rent receipt.
  2. The time period should be mentioned or tenure of rent.
  3. The name of the tenant.
  4. The full address of the property, including the apartment number.
  5. Date of paid rent.
  6. Payment method Cash, check (add check number), money order, etc.
  7. The name of the person, the signature, the title and the address of the office that accepts the rent payment – it is very important to sign your rental bills and prove that you accept the tenant’s money in good beliefs. You must also include his full name and contact information to accept or process the rent payment.
  8. Rental tenure or contract tenure the payment applies to.

Before giving rent receipt to present tenant, make sure you should understand the rules of your state and include the appropriate information to protect the rights of your tenants. DocsCreator will provide you online rent receipt templates according to rules of your area and it can be customized.

Tenants can pay online and receive an automatic receipt by email. The benefit can also save you a bunch of other aspects of your rentals such as tenant selection, drafting and signing, and maintenance schedules.